Guide to Best Practice

Evidence is obtained from research and professional experience. Best Practice is described in professional programs currently identified by MHYFVic.

MHYFVic Policies are for the implementation of Best Practice models based on best available Evidence.

These three components are cross-linked, using the numbering from the conceptual diagram above. The tabs give detailed information about each topic.

We welcome discussion about any of the topics, especially any wish to develop the information or policies. Please send your comments by email to

Prevention of Mental Disorders

1. Universal Programs

1d. Reduction of Toxic Factors

2. Selective Programs

2a. Biological Factors

2b. Psychological Factors

2c. Social Factors

3. Indicated Programs

3a. Biological Factors

3b. Psychological Factors

3c. Social Factors

Treatment of Mental Disorders

4. Case Identification

5. Early Treatment

6. Standard Treatment

a. Outpatient psychotherapies, medication and procedures

Continuing Care of People with Mental Disorders

7. Engagement with Ongoing Care

8. Long-term Care

Mental Health Promotion

9. Mental Health Promotion

a. Community awareness programs

b. Agency Programs

c. Training

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