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MHYF Vic is an advocacy group that wants to change service access, service provision, and service quality, while also influencing public understanding of family mental health, and governmental policies and procedures.

We want to talk to the many interested people through our website, through newsletters, and through media releases and media interviews. We invite media professionals to view our website, understand issues that are pertinent to current news, and to seek us out for interviews.

There is a lot we can say; we want to be asked!

MHYF Vic will provide a weekly “in the news” segment through this website in the “Hot Issues in Mental Health” column. This will also be circulated through LinkedIn. The intention is to provide brief, succinct commentary that invites media professionals to seek out further content. The comments will be released each Monday.

If comments are sought, please text the following:

Topic for comment, two possible times for contact, and how you want contact (telephone, face-to-face, email) to 0407 318 252+

Professor Jo Grimwade,

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Speak about issues that concern you such as gaps in services, things that shouldn’t have happened, or things that ought to happen but haven’t; to make a better quality of service…….
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Although we share a common voice with many other mental health organizations we are different because we do not limit ourselves to just one age group or issue, one professional discipline or one support base, but care about the whole spectrum of issues affecting the mental health of young people and their families

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