Media Opportunities & Interviews

MHYF Vic is an advocacy group that wants to change service access, service provision, and service quality, while also influencing public understanding of family mental health, and governmental policies and procedures. We want to talk to the many interested people through our website, through newsletters, and through media releases and media interviews. We invite media […]

Advocacy for Better Services

MHYFVic advocates that services promoting and restoring the well-being and mental health of young people and families need to be of high quality and easily accessible. This covers the whole range from universal services like schools, kindergartens and day care through to specialist services for identified mental illnesses. It also includes services that lie between […]


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Research & Policy

Advocacy to policy makers requires well-researched evidence. MHYFVic therefore calls upon people who are already exploring topics of professional interest to share their findings with us and to work with us to develop proposals for improvements in mental health policy and practice. For each topic this development process is called a “Project”. MHYFVic can host […]

What We Do

We want to improve mental health services for young people – and to encourage prevention as well as cure. We do this by advocating with politicians and policy-makers and by written submissions. We work toward reducing risks for young people by advocating early intervention, more available counselling services, and programs to deal with issues like […]