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What is your experience of the Mental Health System?

What is your experience with the services?

Let us know by email to admin@mhyfvic.org  This area is moderated, so there will be a delay before your concern is answered.

Depending on the nature of your experience there may be various options to pursue.

  • For case management problems there is an established complaints system which should be followed before any dissatisfaction is stepped up to higher levels. MHYFVic may be able to help with clarifying or communicating these.
  • For general concerns about quality of service or facilities it may be appropriate to bring the concerns to agency administration and MHYFVic may be able to assist in this.
  • For concerns about unavailability of appropriate services there may be a need for advocacy with agencies or the government for systemic improvements in funding of staff and facilities. You may wish to join in our advocacy projects.
  • For positive experiences we may wish to give special recognition to the agency.

What do you think would be helpful to you to address the issue?  Make sure you say this in your email.

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